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SprintApp - Webflow HTML website template

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SprintApp is a Webflow HTML website template for mobile apps. It's a beautiful landing page template designed to help mobile app creators build and launch a nice one-page website, faster, on the Webflow.

Key features

1. Nicely designed with professional fonts, colors, aesthetics, and has balanced white space.

2. Responsive, so it looks nice on small to large screens.

3. 12 different UI sections that can be vital for every mobile app.

4. Smooth animations and interactions.

5. It follows Webflow's template design guidelines.

It has mainly 3 pages.

— Home (landing) page - to present your mobile app.

— Coming soon page - to tell your target users that it will launch soon. You can also collect emails of website visitors who want to get notified when your app launches.

— 404 not found page - to tell the visitors that the page they are accessing is not available.

Live preview

Visit this link for the live preview:

What will you get?

You will get the whole "SprintApp - Webflow HTML website template" project cloned to your Webflow account manually by our team.

How will you get the SprintApp Webflow template delivered to your Webflow account?

Once you make the payment, you can reach out to us at with the following details.

1. Your full name

2. Your payment receipt

3. Your Webflow account email

We do this verification so that we don't deliver the SprintApp template to a wrong Webflow account. Once we confirm these details with you, we will clone the SprintApp - Webflow template to your Webflow account.

We mostly work from the Indian Standard Time (UTC +5:30) zone. So sometimes, we might take up to 8-12 hours to verify your details. But such a long delay happens rarely.


By buying SprintApp - Webflow HTML website template, you agree to SprintCube's license.

Thank you

Noun Project for the icons.
Freepik for the World map illustration.
Maciej Kuropatwa for the mobile app screen designs.
Jordynelly for the iPhone X mockups.

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SprintApp - Webflow HTML website template

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